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Dagogo Agbor Becomes Lagos Night Clubs Biggest Spender With N3m Per Night!

A  nobody – in the dictionary of celebrity reporting- is now adjudged the biggest spender in the night club circuit of Lagos.

And he earned this title operating in the capital of leisure in the state- Victoria Island.

His most preferred home of night life enjoyment is Movida, the A-list hangout owned and managed by celebrated figure, Akeem Shodehinde.

The place is located on Adeola Hopewell street Victoria Island Lagos.

The individual behind this emblem is identified as Dagogo Agbor.

Those conversant with his ways tagged his wealth ‘mysterious’

According to a source ‘he has no meaningful visible means of earning to justify his outlandish spending any time he goes clubbing’

The general impression is that he belongs to the group individuals that hit wealth through a sudden windfall interacting on the internet.

Those who know him before he embrace wealth tagged him a passionate internet fan and resident of Festac Town, Lagos. He is said to still reside in the area.

He is reputed to expend between two to five million naira per night in cash and credit facility.

All informants agreed he gets star treatment for his exploits, especially at Movida.

An exclusive spot inside the V.I.P section of the fun spot is said to be on permanent reservation for Dagogo and friends.

Recounted an eye witness ‘ I remember an incident when a group of guys had spent about seventy five thousand on drinks and Dagogo and his crew came in…I tell you they were moved from that table when one some of Dagogo’s hangers on pointed the place as their preferred spot’

Another source told of how Dagogo ordered Champagne for everybody at the club on a night out.

‘I don’t know what he was celebrating, it was around 3a.m and they just started giving everybody Champagne courtesy of Dagogo’ divulged the source

Club owner, Akeem Shodeinde was described as besides himself with joy on that day.

Further investigations revealed that such occurrence is now tagged ordinary for the obscene spender.

The owner of a brand new – he recently acquired it- is said to make it a point of note to order for only the most expensive choice drinks on parade at Movida.

Dark skinned and slightly tall Dagogo is said to have adopted his spending habit for three months going- and many are looking forward to how long he will maintain it.

But for now he has no competitor and his closest rival is kilometres away- it is however instructive to note that stories of gallery spending figures later turned passive watchers of their former habits are abound and along with living testimonies of former money men that can’t afford the price of a cork on beer as a result of their shallow spending.
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