:: Cover Story... Thursday, May 10, 2012.

Top Fashion Designer, Folorunsho Alakija, Hubby, Modupe, Staffers Batter, Strip Guest, Event Manager At Son's Flamboyant Wedding!
...Beg 'Open Hands' Crew to forgive and forget.

On saturday May 05 2012- Ladi, son of the popular personalities Folorunsho and Modupe Alakija got married.

The bride is Lolade, the daughter of Bimbo Cardoso, grand-daughter of the late Otunba T.O.S Benson.

The wedding that still tops social discourse is tagged 'a parameter setter by miles'

It was style infused with flamboyance to a set a new record in event and wedding ceremony in this part of the world.

But sadly according to a source the event 'in another corner, it notched a first in how not to treat guests and workers at such a high profile event'

Folorunsho Alakija

The parents of the groom assaulted guests, and even spear headed the stripping of a worker of one of the event management company that created the spectacle many applauded- on spurious allegation of theft.

According to information made available to, a manager at Open Hands- one of the events company that handled the occasion, had visited make shift store where work items and personal effects were kept.

The place also housed some of the gift items the Alakijas wanted to dole out.

Folorunsho and Modupe Alakija were said to have accosted him- and alleged him a thief.

Without verification of his identity- the owners of Famfa Oil were said to have severally assaulted the manager with the aid of their aides.

A co- worker of the victim that tried to intervene with shouts of 'he is my oga', was branded an accomplice and ordered stripped!

According to an informant, a guest that also tried to stop the assault had remnants of Modupe's wine cup decorating his face.

The assault and battering episode was crowned with a handful of guests restraining Modupe from beating up 'a white guy'- after the latter had received a jab, for daring to 'poke nose' into what doesn't concern him.

The fracas was brought under control by security guards that secured the release of the victims under the guise of taking them to the police station.

Sources claim the victims were released with apologies by the security team- when their status and intention were confirmed.

Investigations revealed that the Alakija's are currently pleading with the management of Open Hands to 'forgive and forget' the incident based on investigation that cleared the assaulted.

It is however not sure whether the management of the company credited with extra ordinarily lightening up the marriage ceremony with wonder lights intends to press charges or not.

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