:: Cover Story... Monday, November 14, 2011.

Lagos Families, Oniru & Elegushi, Fight Over Control Of Beaches
...Voodoo claims, thuggery cripping tourists spots.

A very fierce battle is on.

And it is within popular Lagos families, Oniru and Elegushi .

Information at the disposal of revealed that the raging battle within the families have root in the control of rapidly becoming popular tourists spots, Oniru and Elegushi beaches.

Investigations conducted revealed that the fight is stealthily crippling the growth of the beaches.

Segun Oniru
Findings revealed that based on recent explosion of interests in seaside leisure by Lagosians- and visitors to the state, the beaches suddenly transformed 'money spinning businesses' for the managers.

At the early stage of the boom- the beaches were in the hands of uncoordinated individuals.

The entrant of the Fatany Boys led by Mojeed Animashaun, as handlers of Oniru Beach, brought a bit of sense to the business.

It was their partnership with Frank Okamigbo of Papas Entertainment that opened up the game.

With his wealth of influence, the Club Papas boss staged a series of events that paraded top rate entertainers and socialites that attracted multitude after multitude.

Performances by the Mo'Cheda, Faze, D.J Jimmy Jatt, Pasuma, LKT and others were usually occurrences at the place.

Upcoming artistes lobbied for cameo appearances to up their trade.

Okamigbo later brought in Idris, the head man of Monster Music and son of Alhaji Murhi Gbadeyanka into the mix.

This development took the game to another level- and the gate fee to unprecedented height.

With ceaseless flow of unexpected volume of cash in their pocket- the Fatant boys went on a spending spree.

They acquired luxury cars, popped Champagnes at V.I.P sections of night clubs and surrounded themselves with a collage of expense loving girls.

Secured in the belief that it would always be business as usual- and with no document to back up their arrangement- they edged out Okamigbo and later Idris.

While they continued to spend- the Beach remained undeveloped, they continued to rent generators, lightening equipment, stage and all other required facilities to make the place function.

The provision of security was even left in the hand of those that want to stage shows at the place- they only provided 'security for gate takings!'. They used layabouts around the place as security in exchange for free entry 'for a certain number of their friends'

It wasn't long before cases of extortion, loss of properties and sexual assaults started coming to the fore.

The scenario created a perfect fulcrum for others eyeing the business to take over.

They were send packing 'for failing' to develop the place.

But they had set a bad precedent still haunting the business and others of it kind.

The move to sack them was based on directive from Aremo Segun Oniru, Commissioner in charge of water front in Lagos State.

He put his younger brother, Demola in charge. The replacement has not done a better job at the place.

And others are scheming and trying to create means to remove him.

While the problem with Oniru beach raged and cases of assault started-- fun lovers found a replacement in Elegushi beach.

But they encounter a major problem- unlike Oniru beach, nobody is really in charge.

'Different group come to the place to operate it and take the proceeds to their leader' a source confirmed.

Sources divulged at times, it takes force to achieve this.

Area boys on the payroll of those vying for control are said to monitor the place and constantly clash over this and that. Allegations of Voodoo offerings littering the place are said to be rife.

This loose and volatile  arrangement is said to scare fun lovers and prospective 'investors'

Insiders revealed the in fighting among family members laying claims of ownership to the two popular beaches is gradually crippling the place and making nonsense of seaside leisure tourism potentials at the place.
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